Intro to Adobe Photoshop - Midlothian

Intro to Adobe Photoshop at Richmond Camera in Midlothian
Intro to Adobe Photoshop at Richmond Camera in Midlothian

Intro to Adobe Photoshop - Midlothian


Saturday, June 15th 8:30-10:00am

Topics include:

  • Photoshop v. Lightroom

  • Core Tools

  • Basic Editing

  • Layers

  • Smart Objects

  • Exporting

  • More!

Midlothian Richmond Camera
13224 Midlothian Turnpike
Midlothian, VA 23113

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Been interested in Adobe Photoshop and excited to start learning? Join us for our Intro to Adobe Photoshop Class at Midlothian Richmond Camera on Saturday, June 15th 8:30-10:00am. We will be going over the differences between photoshop and lightroom, the core tools of the software, basic editing, layers, smart objects, exporting, and more!

It is recommended that participants bring a laptop with Adobe Photshop installed, but it is not required.

Meet the Instructor: Brian Clary



Brian is the Store Manager at our Midlothian location!


I grew up right here in Midlothian, but have lived other places such as Nashville, TN and Harrisonburg, VA (where I got my Psychology degree from JMU - Go Dukes!)

I also worked in the IT field for many years, before going full-time with my wedding and senior photography, and then eventually landing at Richmond Camera about a year ago. If I am not at Richmond Camera, you'll find me running trails at Rockwood, walking my dog Maddie at Midlothian Mines Park, out taking photos, and also just about anything exercise-related.


What are your photographic interests?

People. When I first started with photography, about 20 years ago, the last thing I wanted to photograph was people. At the time, I was nervous about working with people, but that absolutely changed over the years. And now, I photograph people almost exclusively (and pets, lol). There is something so unique and amazing about a wonderful candid photo, an expression, or an emotion that you can capture in a photo, and it's those little moments that keep me interested in photography.

What about your work is most exciting to you?

Learning new things. If I am not learning, I am not growing. I believe that a month of making no photography mistakes is a month wasted. I'd rather mess up some star trail photography, and learn from it, rather than keep doing the same, safe, photography from the month prior. I believe in trying new things!

What are some of your other interests or passions?

Health and fitness are very important to me, but I also love food, lol. And my dog Maddie is basically a part of me. I also love spending time with my niece, cooking, shopping, hiking, and random exploring of small towns. I also have my own photography business for senior photoshoots and weddings.

What about photography is most exciting to you?

With photography, what really drives me, is the satisfaction of seeing that ONE IMAGE from a photoshoot or a wedding, that makes me stop and go 'wow' and just that feeling of accomplishment. There's nothing better than replacing a photo in your portfolio with a brand new one, that you love even more.