Basic DSLR Class - Carytown

Basic DSLR Photography Class at Richmond Camera Carytown
Basic DSLR Photography Class at Richmond Camera Carytown

Basic DSLR Class - Carytown


Wednesday, April 10th 6:00-7:00pm

Topics Covered:

  • ISO, Focusing, Shooting Modes

  • Auto Modes

  • Scene Modes

  • Program Modes

  • Composition

  • Controlling Flash

  • More!

Richmond Camera Carytown
3128 W Cary St

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New to photography and excited to learn more? Join us for another of our Basic DSLR Classes at Richmond Camera Carytown for all you need to know! Gain a better understanding of your shooting modes, auto modes, program modes, controlling your flash, and how to compose a great photo!

Sign up online today. We’re excited to have you there!

Meet the Instructor!



Chuck is the Store Manager at our Carytown location and has been working with us for almost 7 years! 


I am an Olympus Mirrorless shooter, however, I have been recently shooting more film. With film, I rotate between a few rangefinders. My photographic experiences encompasses shooting weddings, portraits, fine art photography, lighting consultations, and I’ve assisted with shoots for Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, SCCA, Rally American, and 1320 Video.

Questions with Chuck

What about photography is most exciting to you?

Mirrorless is the most exciting thing to me currently in photography. With Olympus, Fuji, and Sony all providing excellent equipment at a varied price point. Each brand offers a wide range of lenses, features, and capability. In comparison, they offer the user tons of growth potential and flexibility.

What keeps you motivated and inspired to maintain your photography?

Right now, it’s film. Shooting film has forced me to slow down and really enjoy the moment that I am trying to capture. I no longer feel that I am rushed to take a shot. I cycle between a few different makes and models, all of which will provide a different look and feel to the image. I also try to edit as little as possible.

What things do you consider before taking a photo?

I look for a connection. What is that finished photo going to mean to me? Ultimately, the photo can be uninteresting to others, as long as it means something to you.

What got you interested in pursuing photography?

Being able to capture and freeze a moment.