Basic Photoshop Class - Fredericksburg

Basic Photoshop Class at Richmond Camera Fredericksburg
Basic Photoshop Class at Richmond Camera Fredericksburg

Basic Photoshop Class - Fredericksburg


Saturday, May 25th 5:00-6:30pm

Topics include:

  • Core Tools

  • Editing

  • Layers

  • Smart Objects

  • Exporting

  • More!

Fredericksburg Richmond Camera
1913 Plank Rd
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

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Been interested in Adobe Photoshop and excited to start learning? Join us for our Basic Photoshop Class at Fredericksburg Richmond Camera on Saturday, May 25th. We will be going over a basic overview of the software, core tools, editing techniques, using layers, smart objects, exporting, and more!

It is recommended that participants bring a laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed, but it is not required.

Meet the Instructor: Kris Thornton



Kris is the Store Manager at our Fredericksburg location!


I am originally from southern California but spent a large part of my childhood in Oregon.  After high school, I spent some time in the US Army. After that, I went to school and received a degree in clinical sports therapy massage as well as did a minor concentration in Bio chem.  I received a BA degree from Shepherd University in 2010 in Liberal Arts, concentrating in visual arts and music. I focused on this area because I had a love for photography and the arts as a whole.

Questions with Kris

What are your photographic interests?

I have dabbled with almost everything in photography, and even though my first love is scenic and landscape photography, I would say that I really enjoy creative portraiture and commercial photography. Everything from food and drink, product, advertising, and bodies of work that tell stories. Even if the subject of the story is the product or clothing line itself.

What body of work has influenced you the most?

I have had different photographers over the years that I have loved, but I am most influenced by photographers such as Joel Grimes, Dean Bradshaw, Chris Knight, Erik Almas and Sef McCullough.

What about your work is most exciting to you?

The process, from start to finish of a project. I really enjoy working with a team and working towards a vision that organically becomes the finished product or art.

What are some of your other interests or passions?

Hockey and 17+ years of Martial arts, but now I just like photography as I get older and I watch old Kung fu movies. Lol

What keeps you motivated and inspired to maintain your photography?

To never stop learning and growing within this field. I am inspired every day to learn something new or improve my method of photography or editing. There is always something new to learn or try.