Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS 1100W/s Kit with S Head

Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS 1100W/s Kit with S Head
Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS 1100W/s Kit with S Head

Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS 1100W/s Kit with S Head



  • RX Speed AS Battery Powered Pack, Strap
  • Multi-Voltage Charger, Sync Cord
  • "S" Series Flash Head
  • Spare Battery
  • Varistar 33" Umbrella/ Softbox
  • Grid Reflector
  • Hard Shell Case

Added power and versatility is available with the Ranger RX Speed ’AS’ To Go Kit. Using the Ranger RX Speed ’AS’ eliminates the need for generators, AC outlets and long extension cables. Complete portable power is paramount when on location, and this kit includes an extra battery for back-up. The Varistar umbrella provides even light distribution due to its central positioning over the reflector and flashtube, and is ideal for in and out of studio use, whether it is industrial, portraits, or groups. Lightweight and easy to set up, the Varistar fits into most Elinchrom carrying bags. Ranger RX Speed ’AS’ (EL 10267) with battery, quick charger, strap Freelite S Head (EL 20100) 
EL 26386: 33'' Varistar Set (Varistar Umbrella and EL 26164 Wide-Angle Reflector); Grid Reflector 7'' 60°; Ranger Hard Case; Extra Battery

Digital Precision

Today's digital workflow and camera systems demand greater precision at all power settings with an extended power range to cover extreme requirements. Precise repeatability with ultra stable electronics controlled by digital displays, exceed the most demanding criteria.

Weather Resistant

The Ranger features a “go anywhere' weather resistant design, self sealing rubber protectors, raise sockets complete with covers, with electronics only in the upper part of the unit. This series of packs is one of the lightest and most efficient battery packs ever produces for its power output.

Swiss Design

The latest Elinchrom products incorporates years of electronic know how combined with Swiss manufacturing quality at affordable prices. Ultra-stable circuitry for consistent flash out put and color temperature, combined with low sync voltage are just some of the many advantages of these packs.

Efficient and Stable

To ensure the ultimate retention of color balance and efficiency, Elinchrom flashes have advanced specifications that will satisfy the needs for the most demanding applications.

Flash Duration

Action freezing flash durations at full power is a hallmark of Elinchrom.

Wireless Freedom

Providing both flash triggering and wireless remote control of all RX flash unit functions. A miniaturized ultra secure, high speed data transmission system providing wireless hand held or computer control of all Elinchrom RX units.


Multi-voltage technology with automatic voltage detection from 90V to 260V.

Flashtube & Reflector

Elinchrom flashtubes are precisely positioned in an efficient internal reflector, to avoid the inherent uneven illumination produced by non-concentric or U-shaped flashtubes.

Light Modifiers

A wide range of superbly, designed accessories, completely compatible with the entire Elinchrom flash system. Each modifier is designed to do a different job. Decide how you want the lighting to look like and there will be a reflector with precisely the right profile. Endless lighting possibilities guaranteed!

Universal Mount

The Elinchrom double bayonet mounting system for light modifiers has been used for the entire range of flashheads and accessories since 1974.