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About Richmond Camera

Established in 1938 by James Bullard, Richmond Camera is based on the simple premise of providing quality products, fair prices, and timely deliveries. Since that time, Richmond Camera has provided superior photofinishing services as well as an endless selection of products and equipment for over 70 years, making Richmond Camera the primary source for photographic supplies in Central Virginia. The founding philosophies live on in our processing laboratory and seven retail stores. We are only satisfied with the best equipment, products, and personnel. Our goal has always been (and always will be) to provide excellent customer service while remaining on the cutting edge of photographic technology. Richmond Camera is also recognized as one of the best professional labs in the nation for quality, service, and professional results.

Please stop by any of our seven retail stores throughout Virginia or explore our numerous online services.

A Unique Process...

Richmond Camera's photographic prints are created on professional archival paper. Engineered to last well over 100 years, our unique chemical process ensures the longevity of your prints, so friends and family can enjoy these photos for generations. In the photofinishing industry, this is what is described as a truly "archival" product, unlike prints created with inks or dyes. Richmond Camera's prints are a true photographic product (yes, even the digital ones), contributing to the vibrancy and accuracy of the colors. To further the life of your photo prints, avoid prolonged exposure of photographs to sunlight. Our processing also incorporates a number of environmentally protective steps, such as the regular recycling of essential chemicals. We take pride in knowing that our lab has reduced its impact on the environment, a rarity in this industry.

Shared Values

  • Excellent Customer Service- Resulting from knowledgeable associates with a caring attitude and a sense of urgency.
  • Exceptional Quality- A commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to the photographic community we serve.
  • Cost Consciousness- Minimizing waste and continually pursuing ways to lower costs and provide greater value to our customers.
  • Teamwork- Coming together as a diverse workforce to achieve our shared vision.
  • Competence- Performing our jobs efficiently and promoting knowledge and enthusiasm about our products and services among our associates.
  • Quality of Life- A commitment to improving the lives of our families and the well being of our community by contributing to many regional charity groups.
  • Education- Developing and fostering personal and professional growth and knowledge by embracing change and original thinking. Supporting our youth community through scholarship awards.