Camera Repair Services

Richmond Camera can assist you with exploring all your camera repair needs, from in-house sensor cleanings to handling manufacturer service and camera repair.

Stop by any of our Virginia locations for assistance, or give us a call or email us today!

We offer assistance with the following services:

  • Canon Camera & Lens Repair
  • Nikon Camera & Lens Repair
  • Fujifilm Camera & Lens Repair
  • Olympus Camera & Lens Repair
  • Sony Camera & Lens Repair
  • Sigma Lens Repair
  • Tamron Lens Repair

For any unlisted manufacturers, please give us a call or email us at


In-House Camera Sensor Cleaning

Ensure optimal performance out of your camera with Richmond Camera's In-House Sensor Cleanings.

Drop-off available at any of our seven Virginia locations.

In-House Sensor Cleaning 75.00

*Please ensure your camera battery is fully charged before drop-off.