FOCUS Series- Meet Kevin MacNutt

Richmond Camera's 'FOCUS' Series highlights some of our fantastic team members. Get to know them a bit more, then come by our stores to meet them!

First up, Kevin MacNutt!



Kevin is the Store Manager at our Charlottesville location and has been working with us for 6 years now! Kevin will be instructing our Basic DSLR Class in Charlottesville, Saturday, February 18th. Read a bit about Kevin, and sign up for his class if you're interested in improving your photography!


Tell us about yourself!

I studied photography and art history at James Madison University after I realized a major in Philosophy and Religion was not the direction I wanted to be heading in.  I have been into photography since age 10, starting with a Kodak 126 Instamatic. I eventually learned how to use my father’s Argus C3, which made the then 20 some year old Pentax Spotimatic SLR I bought at a yard sale when I was 18, seem modern. I am a huge music fanatic and have a large collection of rock, jazz, and classical albums. I also collect and restore vintage audio equipment, as well as being a car enthusiast.


What is your preferred camera equipment?

My preferred digital photo equipment is the mirrorless Sony A7II, Sony A7, and Sony A6000. All three cameras have individual qualities that I enjoy. The A7II is the most refined with the 5 axis stabilization; the A7, while lacking the stabilization, is still full frame, but slightly lighter in weight; and the A6000 is the most compact and its APS-C sensor gives me a 1.5x magnification with my telephoto lenses, while still giving me excellent image quality.
For film, I prefer Olympus cameras from the 70’s and 80’s and I own an OM-1n, OM-2n and OM-4. Olympus produced some magnificent lenses during this period, many of which I have adapted for use on my Sony cameras.

What current camera is most exciting to you?

I am intrigued by most of Olympus’ current line-up, in particular the OM-D EM-1 mk II. I find it amazing how much can be fit into such a small form with the micro 4/3 sensor, as well as some really interesting lenses. That said, because of my shooting style, I will not likely return to Olympus until they produce something full-frame.

What piece of gear is a “must have” for you?

I shoot quite a bit of architecture, so a nice wide angle lens, such as a 21mm, is an essential lens for me to have in my bag. I used to use an adapted, mid-70’s Olympus 21mm f/3.5 on my Sony’s; however, I have since upgraded to the Sony 28mm f/2 with the adapter that converts it into a 21mm f/2.8.

Whose photographic work has influenced you the most?

At least in my portrait work, I would site Diane Arbus, Cindy Sherman, and Nicholas Nixon as major influences. I like the gritty quality to their work, however, unlike Sherman, very seldom do I appear in my own photographs.

How would you describe your photographic style?

 It can vary; however, someone said that my work has a certain feeling of solitude, whether it is portrait or architectural based.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned about photography so far?

In order to break the rules of photography, one must first know the rules and fundamentals of photography.