FOCUS Series- Meet Chuck Rudisill

Richmond Camera's 'FOCUS' Series highlights some of our fantastic team members. Get to know them a bit more, then come by our stores to meet them!

Chuck Rudisill



Chuck is the Store Manager at our Carytown location and has been working with us for almost 7 years! Chuck will be instructing our Basic DSLR Class in Carytown, Saturday, February 25th & in Ashland, Saturday, March 18th. Learn more about Chuck, and sign up for his class if you're interested in improving your photography!

Tell us about yourself!

I am an Olympus Mirrorless shooter, however, I have been recently shooting more film. With film, I rotate between a few rangefinders. My photographic experiences encompasses shooting weddings, portraits, fine art photography, lighting consultations, and I’ve assisted with shoots for Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, SCCA, Rally American, and 1320 Video.


What is your favorite kind of photography and why?

I enjoy street photography, catching people in their natural element. By shooting more film, it forces me to think about light more.

How would you describe your photographic style?

I enjoy looking for patterns and changes in texture.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned about photography so far?

Take your camera with you, please just take it.

What drives your photographic passion?

Being able to capture a moment, even though that moment is being chased by another moment. It's clicking the shutter that matters.

What are the key elements in a good photograph?

Just take the photo, and if the subject is true and just, it will be a great photo. As long as you like it, that’s the main thing.