Why is an all-in-one zoom right for you?

An all-in-one lens provides an upgrade over your standard kit lens, allowing the user to have a single lens for multiple uses. The flexibility of an all-in-one means you will be carrying less in your bag because they will cover such a large range. Everything from normal wide-angle, to portrait, to long telephoto can be captured with a single lens. When looking for an all-in-one lens, it’s best to plan for how you are wanting to use it, and what your budget is. At Richmond Camera, we stock more than a few options for most brands. Giving the user the best bang for the buck.

For Canon and Nikon user there are many options from multiple brands. Canon and Nikon both make all-in-one lenses that will cover normally from 18-200mm and in some cases out to 300mm. These lenses will start at $649 and go up to just under $1000 for Nikon’s 18-300mm. For someone looking to save some cash, Tamron provided the best bang for the buck over Canon and Nikon. Tamron has three options that start at $249 and go up to $649 for their new 18-400. The 18-400 is currently the longest all-in-one lens on the market. Covering a range of 28-600 after the crop. Unlike most of your branded lenses, the Tamron 18-400 is dust and weather sealed, making it the perfect travel lens, it also provides a 1:2.9 Macro which is fantastic for any non-macro lens, muchless a lens that covers this much range.

With Olympus, they make a 14-150mm lens which is also dust and weather sealed. This lens starts at $599 and covers a range after crop of 28-300mm. Tamron also makes a 14-150mm for Olympus which starts at $399. Fuji currently does not offer an all-in-one that zooms out to 200mm. They do make an excellent 18-135mm that is dust and weather sealed that starts at $899.

This all of these options it can be hard to choose. If you are looking for an affordable upgrade over your kit lenses, the Tamron 18-200mm is an excellent choice. If you are a budding travel photographer and need a bit more of a wide angle with great reach, the Tamron 16-300mm may fit the bill. At 16mm it will provide a 24mm after the crop and will zoom to 300mm or 450mm after the crop. The 16-300mm provides some weather and dust sealing and has a decent macro capability.  If you need the ultimate all-in-one the Tamron 18-400 is the best choice. It provides outstanding image quality for landscapes, macro, wildlife, and portraits. This holiday season if you are looking for a zoom for all occasions, stop in to your local Richmond Camera.