Richmond Camera's 'FOCUS' Series highlights some of our fantastic team members. Meet Jean Hollings! Our grand master of photo restoration arts!


Photo Restoration Artist


Jean is our Photo Restoration artist here at Richmond Camera. She's had over 20 years experience restoring and retouching images. She receives old, damaged, torn, and/or faded photos in every day and fully restores them to your specifications to be like-new. Jean works images to bring back full contrast & vibrancy and even colorizes black and white images. 

Bring your cherished old photos to any Richmond Camera location and have Jean restore them to like-new!


But first, Jean, tell us a little about your work!


 I have been doing retouching and restoration work here at Richmond Camera since the days of actual airbrushes and retouching dyes. Moving to digital was a bit intimidating at first, but now I much prefer it and would hate to go back to the old way. Coming from that background has definitely influenced the way I approach photoshop.
   The first step in restoring a photo is to get a good scan. I have worked out a few tricks to accomplish this, sometimes combining two or three scans to get the best image possible. Once I have a digital image, I spend some time working on basic things like contrast, density, color, etc. Then it's on to repairing whatever damage the photo has, filling in missing pieces, or adding color, or bringing out detail - whatever the particular image needs. Every order is like a new puzzle to figure out.

"Every order is like a new puzzle to figure out."

   The work that comes to me is quite varied - old B&W prints that are cracked or water-damaged, faded images, group shots where someone needs to be added or removed, photos that need the background extended or changed, combining two images, portraits to be enhanced - just about anything. Some fixes are quick and easy, others may take an hour or two. But the best part is when one of our stores calls to say how happy a customer was with a job I did for them.

But the best part is when one of our stores calls to say how happy a customer was with a job I did for them.


Photo restorations are $80 per hour. Estimates are available and a deposit is required upon order drop-off. Jean gives ample time and attention to each photo restoration order, so please allow up to 4-5 weeks turnaround.

Bring your orders in now to ensure completion before the holidays!

Photo Restoration Examples