Basic DSLR Class- Fredericksburg

dslr class dslr workshop basics for beginner fredericksburg
dslr class dslr workshop basics for beginner fredericksburg

Basic DSLR Class- Fredericksburg


Some Covered Topics!

  • Exposure Basics
  • Shooting Modes
  • Scene Modes
  • Lenses & Accessories
  • Post Editing
  • Camera Maintenace
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Basic DSLR Class

Want to take your DSLR photography to the next level? Join us for our Basic DSLR Class at Richmond Camera Carytown for all you need to know! Get a better handling on managing your exposure, different shooting & scene modes, lenses & accessories, post editing, and good camera maintenance!

Visit any of our store locations or fill out our online form today & let us know what you'd let to get out of the class!

Richmond Camera Fredericksburg

1913 Plank Rd

Fredericksburg, Va 22401

Saturday, March 25th


Meet the Instructor!



Tell us about yourself!

My photography career began taking pictures for the yearbook as a music major at Brevard College. I then studied photography at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I have been fortunate to dabble in most aspects of photography from working in camera shops in NC, NYC, SF and VA, studying the Zone system for B&W film & printing, to working with high end digital camera systems. I have a passion for photography, and I love sharing it and my experiences with my students and customers. 

Questions with Bill

What is your favorite kind of photography and why?

I enjoy the quiet of night photography.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned about photography so far?

I was able to get advice from a retired National Geographic photographer. He said to approach your subject from a distance and change angles as you get closer, also shoot first and ask permission later.

Whose photographic work has influenced you the most?

My favorite artist is actually a painter, Clyfford Still. I think it is very valuable for us to get inspiration wherever we can.

What are the key elements in a good photograph?

It is a moving target unfortunately. Everyone has an opinion. Trust yourself and look at as much work as you can.